“Prior to discovering Chiropractic I was suffering from frequent headaches, allergies, didn't have a good night sleep, would regularly wake up with neck pain. I also had bad posture and wasn't sitting properly at work. After my first 2 visits I understood where the pain was coming from – my neck. I was really keen on trying something new and free of medicines and chemicals. Post treatment I realised the headaches had gone and would only come on exceptional occasions. I also improved my posture which improved my overall balance and it looks good as well.”

— Johanna Darmon 15/08/2017
happy client

“I went to Dr. Conn with a long standing rugby neck injury which I had been living with for five years. This injury had stopped me playing sport and hindered me in my job as well as caused me serious pain and migrains, I have been getting a lot of different treatment for this, but always as a maintenance form never really a cure, initially I came looking for the same just to not have pain. But Dr. Conn insisted he was going to get to the root of the problem and cure it rather than just keep it at bay, that is exactly what he has done. And as an unexpected bonus my snoring has also gone away.

As a customer who has seen a lot of different types of doctors about the same thing I have to say that Dr. Conn is really a standout chiropractor. Life is a lot easier pain free.”

— Bernard Kilpatrick
happy client

“I had an accident many years prior to coming to see Dr. Conn. My shoulder was badly damaged and no amount of physio or exercise would help. This has now improved dramatically but not quite to 100%. I also had another accident last year which caused a shortening of my leg and other issues.

After my report of findings I was happy that it appeared my shoulder injury could be improved and I was very surprised at how the spinal adjustment could make a difference to so many other things.

Now I have finished my corrective care plan I am happy that my shoulder is better and that I feel a lot better in myself. My neck also feels a lot more relaxed so when I drive I find it's a lot easier to reverse.”

— Janine Kavanagh
happy client

“Before seeing Dr. Conn I was feeling old and not wanting to be old. I saw a lot of people walking around very bent and I certainly didn't want that to happen to me. After my initial consultation I was amazed what was found and relieved that Dr. Conn was assured he could do something about my problems. After I finishes my initial corrective plan I feel absolutely great and I will continue with maintenance because I know how easy it would be to backward.”

— Diana Bowen-Jones
happy client

“Before coming to see Conn I had really bad back pain. I had bad posture, lacked confidence and clothes didn’t fit properly. I was looking to return to work. How I appeared mattered. After the results it was clear that my posture was also affecting my health. Now I am so happy! I feel confident. Relatives think I've lost weight! My clothes fit better. My lower back pain is gone! I wish I had done this years ago. I am in the process of bringing my daughter here for her adjustment. ”

— S Saleem
happy client

“I had a lot of pain in my lower back and neck. I would often get headaches and feel tired because my back hurt -not letting me sleep properly. Walking and sitting for too long would also cause problems. Dr. Conn identified that I had a scoliosis due a short leg, twisted pelvis. My neck also was in the wrong position - more linear. After I finished my corrective care plan I feel no pain in my lower back, walking is a lot easier and less frequent headaches so improved sleep.”

— Neha Fahim 27-06-2017

“Before I came to Dr. Conn my lower back had collapsed completely. I was unable to walk more than a few steps, could not stand up straight and I was in constant pain. As the primary carer of a severly disabled child. I was unable to do anything and this led to my husband taking time off work. After the the initial consultation my fear reassured from the programme suggested and relieved that X rays had shown the cause of my back pain to be fixable. After care I can work, stand up straight, do so much more - above all, I can be a mum again.”

— Sam Rospigliosi 22-09-2017

“Before I came to see Dr Conn I was walking rather lopsided which I thought was due to osteoarthritis in both knees. I also suffered from a rather stiff neck whilst driving and lover back pain.

After my initial consultation and report of findings I was quite shocked as I did not realise until I saw pictures and Xrays that my posture was quite so bad. I was informed by Dr Conn O'Neill that I had the start of arthritis in my necck and needed treatment for my spinal and postural alignment. I was also told that I had one leg considerably shorter than the other and would need orthotics in my shoes. Conn went through everything in detail explaining about treatment that would be given. His professionalism and manner reassured me so I decided to start the treatment.

After finishing my initial corrective plan I find I walk better whith the shoe inserts and my whole body seems much straighter. I am more relaxed and sleep much better. My neck has become much more flexible being able to turn without pain or stiffness. My back and posture are much better and I can actually see my shoulders are straighter and not one slanting down as before. I am extremely glad that I went ahead with the treatment and found Conn to be very pleasant with a great sense of humour.”

— Anna Vieira